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Everyone on Quantico felt the pressure this week: In the present, the recruits were fitted with stress monitors that tracked their heart rate while Owen (Blair Underwood) and Lydia (Tracy Ifeachor) tried to rattle their cages, and Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) and Alex (Priyanka Chopra) carried out their own counter-mission. In the future, Alex discovers a way to outmaneuver the terrorists, only for Raina (Yasmine Al Massri) to fail in their mission because of double-agent Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis). Below, EP Josh Safran breaks down the latest episode and looks ahead to what’s coming next.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You spoke last week about how each week’s lesson and future storyline has a theme. How would you define this week’s? Is it about everyone’s fears?
JOSH SAFRAN: It’s not fear. It wasn’t weaknesses. It’s your pressure points, so it is your weakness, but it’s [about], can someone find your weakness and exploit your pressure point? Alex is exploiting the pressure point of the terrorists in the future by realizing that those hostages they didn’t really care for, the ones in Federal Hall, are their weakness. And in the present, it’s about everybody in the CIA knowing their pressure points. When you say “weaknesses,” that means emotional weaknesses. This isn’t emotional weaknesses; this is about the things in life that freak you out.

Right, they’re things that rile you up, that make your stress monitor turn red. So why did this theme make sense for this week’s story?
Because it’s something that actually does happen [at the Farm]. We really liked the idea that if you cannot conquer the parts of you that will pretty much either get you distracted, get you killed, or out you, then you cannot succeed. It’s an early lesson that would have to be taught, because if you’re out in the field and somebody pushes your pressure point, your career could be over. We just all talked in the room about how it’s an early lesson, that recruits have to be able to prove to the higher ups at Langley that they are able to be operatives without melting down. So we ran with that, and we also knew about stress monitors, so we put those two things together.

We know Ryan and Alex’s pressure points well because we’ve seen them go through trauma in season 1 and know them the best. For the other recruits, how did you come up with their stories and how much will their stories matter going forward?
All of the stories that you hear here about their pressure points are consistent with the character moving forward. For Harry, it’s about, like, did he screw up somewhere along the way and make a wrong choice? He’s not freaked out over what he might find, he’s somebody who’s very controlled and planned and usually knows exactly where he is at all times and what he’s doing, so the CIA is f—ing around with his memory, and you’ll come to learn more and more why his memory and what he’s done in his life is so important to him. For Dayana, she knows she didn’t make a mistake, but she’s so afraid of making mistakes and there’s a reason for that, which we’ll learn about. For Léon, the prison story has been unfolding since we first heard about it, so that’s just an ongoing story, and for Sebastian, you get a detail about when he was younger and tried to kill himself, which obviously connects to Harry’s past. And all of that is not a one-off in any way for these characters. We go deeper and deeper with them every episode.

Let’s go back to Harry, because he delivers a monologue to Sebastian about his painful past that’s quite personal. Why was it important for you to have Harry open up like this?
Well, this story is really important to me, and I won’t say any more than that, but it’s a story I very much wanted to tell when we came up with the characters of Harry and Sebastian, and I think that they have a very complicated, almost friendship. That’s one of the things about all of these characters this year: They’re adults, they’re not 20-somethings like Caleb was in season 1. They’ve had their own careers and their own lives, and the CIA is breaking down control they’ve had over themselves.
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Press release
Season 2 titles revealed
Quantico is an American television thriller series created by Joshua Safran which premiered on ABC on September 27, 2015. The protagonist of the series is Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra), who is suspected of committing a terrorist attack. Flashbacks tell her story and the stories of her fellow recruits at the FBI Academy in Quantico, while the second season will focus on Alex’s recruitment and training at the CIA. ABC picked up the show for a full season with subsequent orders in October and November to a total of 22 episodes. On March 3, 2016, ABC renewed Quantico for a second season, which is scheduled to premiere on September 25, 2016.
On September 17, 2014, ABC announced the network had bought the original concept for the drama series written by Joshua Safran and produced by Mark Gordon Company, described as Grey’s Anatomy meets Homeland.ABC ordered the pilot on January 23, 2015 for the 2015–16 television season. The pilot episode was filmed in Atlanta and directed by Marc Munden. On May 7, 2015, ABC picked up the pilot to series with an order of 13 episodes. ABC picked up the show for a full season on October 13, 2015, with an additional six episodes, increasing the episode count to 19 and in November to 22 episodes. On March 3, 2016, ABC announced that Quantico had been renewed for a second season.
The pilot episode was filmed in Atlanta, with the series moving to film episodes after the pilot to Quebec, specifically the Montreal area in late summer 2015, using settings within downtown Montreal and Sherbrooke to stand in for New York and Quantico, respectively.Production of the first 13 episodes began on July 20, 2015 and ended on December 17, 2015. Production on season one continued in Montreal through to the season finale, with production of the second season taking place in New York City. Filming began in July 2016

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