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The CW superhero character who will be exploring her sexuality this season has been revealed.

During Monday’s episode of Supergirl, Alex (Chyler Leigh) started to question her sexuality, realizing that she may actually like women after Maggie (Floriana Lima) pressed her about it. How will Alex handle this new discovery? And what’s next for Alex and Maggie? EW turned to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg to find out:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What came with the decision to explore Alex’s sexuality?
ANDREW KREISBERG: We had discussed it a little bit last season. She just seemed like the character to do it with. We never really explored too much [of] her social life. In fact, it was nonexistent, because she had devoted so much of herself to the DEO and to her sister. So, the notion that rather than, “Oh, she was just a workaholic,” but that there was actually something psychological behind it was fascinating to us. Once we made the decision, you look back at last season and go, “Oh, it makes perfect sense.”

What was that conversation like with Chyler once you guys decided on this storyline?
She was great. We just sat down and we said, “Here’s what we’re planning for this season.” We had figured out a lot of it. We already knew we were adding Maggie to the cast, so we knew she would have a love interest. I think Chyler was excited at the prospect of Alex having her own storyline and her own life outside of Kara. In a way, life imitates art. As an actress, she was getting her own storyline just in the same way that Alex is getting her own storyline finally.

Why was it important to explore an LGBT relationship on Supergirl in particular, especially in a season where you’re exploring themes of hate?
I don’t think we made the conscious decision to, like, “Okay, great, we’re going to do this now on Supergirl,” I think it was specific to Alex. At the beginning of the season for every show, we sit down and say, “What’s the most interesting thing we can do for any of these characters?” For Alex, this just seemed like a natural fit given who she was. As I said, it was a way to explain who she was and how she came to be. It seemed like an exciting world that was opening up for us. The only thing that makes Supergirl probably the ideal show to do this on is there is a level of reality to the Supergirl world — maybe even more so than some of the other shows, because so much of it takes place in nonsuperhero places, like CatCo and the sisters’ world — that it felt like it wouldn’t be having to compete as hard with the more fantastical elements of the show.

Can you talk about how Alex will be handling this new development moving forward?
It’s all coming as a bit of a shock to her. If Maggie hadn’t come along, I don’t think she would’ve recognized this about herself, and probably wouldn’t have had the courage to come out the way she is. I think moving forward, it’s baby steps. There’s a big emotional breakthrough in episode 6, which we’re really excited about. From my research and talking to my gay friends, it seems like, at least anecdotally, when people come out later in life, they tend to come out because they’ve met someone and they have strong feelings for someone. That’s what happens with Alex, that she has these very strong feelings for this woman. Watching that relationship have its twists and turns makes up the Alex storyline for the foreseeable future.

How will Kara react to this?
She is obviously going to be extremely open to it. Kara’s reaction is interesting. She feels a little sad, but entirely because she feels like so much of the sisters’ lives have been about Kara, have been about protecting her, keeping her secret, making sure she’s safe, and last year, this journey for her in becoming Supergirl. She feels like she created an environment in which Alex never felt comfortable discussing this stuff, so she laments that. She also says to Alex, too, that she understands what it’s like to turn off a part of yourself to go along and get along. It only makes the sisters closer.

What does Alex’s relationship with Maggie look like? What milestones will we see for their dynamic?
I don’t want to get too much into that, because I think next week it takes a couple of twists that people might not be expecting. We love the work that Chyler and Floriana are doing. They are amazing together. We’ll see what happens as the show continues.

Considering Supergirl has always been a bright and shiny show, you’ve so far been focusing on the fun and happy side of this budding new relationship. Are you going to continue down that path?
There will be some stories that are fun, romantic stories, but there are also other more serious stories. One of the things that this show does really well is it has these really interesting relationships between women — and all sorts of women, whether it’s sisters, mentors/mentees, and now as potential romantic interests. It’s never all just one thing. This show is not suddenly going to be this dark, depressing meditation on life. It’s not built that way. For Alex, this isn’t a realization that is coming without challenges. Some of those challenges are external, and some of them are Alex’s own opinions of who she should be, and how she should be, that she needs to get over. It’s not always going to be easy. Sometimes it’s going to be heartbreaking, sometimes it’s going to be hilarious. Hopefully, it’ll be something that the audience is as proud of as we are.

Supergirl is a show where danger is ever-present. Following last spring, when the Bury Your Gays trope was thrust back into the spotlight, how nervous were you guys to tell this story? Is that something you talked about in the room?
No, I didn’t know that was a thing. I think we all are bringing our collective experience to the writing, and just trying to be as sensitive to the topic as possible. Obviously having Greg [Berlanti] as a leader and a guiding force has been invaluable.

source : EW

Monday’s Supergirl saw the rise of a new hero, the reveal of a dangerous connection, and the first steps to happiness for a member of Kara’s inner circle.
Here’s a quick rundown of the week’s events: Mon-El enjoyed his first (and last) day as CatCo intern Mike Matthews, which he mostly spent eating Twizzlers and banging Cat’s assistant; James, tired of feeling useless behind Cat’s old desk, made a hush-hush arrangement with Winn to protect the city under a new alias; the audience learned that Lena’s mother is the head of Cadmus; and Alex admitted that Maggie might not have been totally wrong when she assumed that Alex was into girls.
Below, TVLine discusses three of the episode’s key story lines with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg: The life and times of “Mike Matthews,” Lena’s apparent connection to Cadmus, and — of course — Alex’s big confession:

TVLINE | So, I love Mike. I know Mon-El is done at CatCo, but please tell me he keeps that persona.
He gets to be Mike a few more times this season. Chris Wood is so unbelievably charming and funny, and there’s a real danger when you write comedy in a show like this; it could fall flat very easily. But Chris is such a gifted comedian, and he has such an incredible sparring partner in Melissa [Benoist], that we just knew he was going to hit this out of the park. We were genuinely laughing out loud watching this episode, which is exciting for us, to think that this show could travel in different waters like that.
TVLINE | Well, she’s a sparring partner, but also — am I crazy for thinking there could be a romantic thing going on there?
Yeah, it could be. [Laughs] I mean, she’s not dating anyone right now. There’s definitely a little bit of Sam and Diane from Cheers in their relationship, her being the more mature, put-together one, and him being a lovable cad. Whether or not they’re going to get there is part of the fun of watching this season.
TVLINE | The chemistry is even stronger between Alex and Maggie, which is a relationship I’m really enjoying. Will her growth continue to happen organically in baby steps?
We take our responsibility as storytellers very seriously, and we wanted to make sure we were telling a story that was true and real and emotional and entertaining, being respectful of the journey that Alex is making. We didn’t want it all to happen in one episode, so it’s been happening at this pace very deliberately. Hopefully people are on board for Alex’s journey.

TVLINE | I have to imagine that Chyler Leigh was very much on board.
As an actress, she thought, ‘Great,’ because it’s more for her to do. She was fantastic about it, and she’s been turning in these heartbreakingly devastating performances week in and week out. I’m not sure we would have even tried it if we didn’t have someone as talented as Chyler playing the part. It’s those little moments, the way she looks at Maggie or doesn’t look at Maggie, when you can see ever8ything that’s inside of her. We’re so proud that a show like Supergirl can be telling this kind of journey.
TVLINE | Are any of those “little moments” coming up in the near future?
Yeah, Episode 6 is a really big episode for Alex, and for that storyline. We’re so proud of that episode, which is called “Changing.”
TVLINE | Lastly, Lena and Cadmus! How much should we assume Lena knows? Anything?
We don’t want to give too much away. Part of the ongoing fun of the show is wondering just how in it Lena is. Where do her true allegiances lie? And will she resort to being a Luthor, like so many people expect from her? Or does she have a higher calling and a higher duty? Now that we know the connection between Lena and Cadmas, that’s going to be the fun of it.
source : TVLINE

“Changing”— (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV)

THE GUARDIAN DEBUTS IN NATIONAL CITY – The Guardian debuts to lend a hand after a parasite alien drains Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) of her power. Mon-El (Chris Wood) considers a less than desirable new career which then leads him to contemplate his motives. Alex (Chyler Leigh) struggles with a new reality. Andrew Kreisberg and Caitlin Parris wrote the script based on the story by Greg Beranti. The episode was directed by Larry Teng (#206). Original Airdate 11/14/2016.

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Supergirl is an American superhero action-adventure drama television series developed by Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg (the latter two having previously created Arrow and The Flash) that originally aired on CBS and premiered on October 26, 2015. It is based on the DC Comics character Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, and stars Melissa Benoist in the title role. Supergirl is a costumed superheroine who is the biological cousin to Superman and one of the last surviving Kryptonians.
The series was officially picked up on May 6, 2015, after receiving a series commitment in September 2014, and received a full season order on November 30, 2015. On May 12, 2016, Warner Bros. Television announced that the series had been renewed for a second season and that it would move from CBS to The CW. It is scheduled to debut on October 10, 2016.
Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist) was sent to Earth from the doomed planet Krypton as a 12-year-old by her parents Zor-El (Robert Gant) and Alura (Laura Benanti). Alura gave her instructions to protect her infant cousin Kal-El, and informed her that she, like her cousin, would have extraordinary powers under Earth’s yellow sun.
En route to Earth, Kara’s spacecraft was diverted by a shock wave from Krypton’s explosion and forced into the Phantom Zone, where it stayed for 24 years. During this period, time stopped for Kara so, when the spacecraft eventually escaped the Phantom Zone, she still appeared to be a 13-year-old girl. By the time the spacecraft crash landed on Earth, Kal-El had grown up and become Superman. After helping her out of the craft, Superman took Kara to be adopted by his friends, the Danvers family. The main series begins more than a decade later when the now 24-year-old Kara is learning to embrace her powers after previously hiding them.
Kara hid her powers for more than a decade, believing that Earth didn’t need another hero. However, she has to reveal her powers to thwart an unexpected disaster, setting her on her own journey of heroism as National City’s protector. Kara discovers that hundreds of the criminals her mother prosecuted as a judge on Krypton are hiding on Earth, including her mother’s twin sister Astra (also played by Benanti) and Astra’s husband Non (Chris Vance), who seek to rule the world. After briefly becoming suspicious of the true agenda of her boss, Hank Henshaw (David Harewood), she and her adoptive sister, Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh), secretly discover that Henshaw is actually a benevolent alien refugee, J’onn J’onzz, who has resided on Earth for over fifty years after escaping a holocaust on his homeworld of Mars. J’onn infiltrated the DEO to reform the organization as well as to watch over both Alex and Kara in addition to guiding the latter in the use of her powers due to his experience with his own abilities. Kara is also being targeted by Earth’s criminals as the result of her being related to Superman, and later on encounters an emerging community of metahumans and individuals from parallel universes. In the process, Kara accumulates her own rogues gallery who seeks to defeat and destroy her. She is aided by a few close friends and family who guard her secrets—most notably her cousin’s longtime friend, James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks)—which also serves as a major plot in high tech mogul Maxwell Lord’s (Peter Facinelli) scheme to expose Kara’s identity.

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