The 100 | 3×16 Eliza Taylor reveals 2 possible endings for Season 3

IGN: Speaking of which, we left off in the last episode with a lot of characters’ lives directly on the line. Should we be prepared for the worst in this finale?

Taylor: I don’t know if it can get much worse than watching my mother hang herself and blaming it on me but it’s like I always say – with The 100, just when you thought it couldn’t get darker, it gets darker. I think people will be quite shocked in the season finale but that’s why you guys are still watching.

IGN: Do you ever get the script and say “Can it be the ‘Clarke has a tropical vacation’ episode?”

Taylor: That’s exactly what I want and I’ve said it in so many interviews hoping Jason [Rothenberg] will be like “This is Season 4: Clarke finds a tropical island and all these really chill dudes and lies on the beach, drinking margaritas and says ‘I’m done. I need to relax.’” I think there’s a good spinoff there.

IGN: You guys got an early renewal for Season 4. Was it great to see that vote of confidence again?

Taylor: Yeah. That’s the second year in a row that we’ve gotten an early renewal and both times I was shocked. Not because I don’t think our show is amazing, but the first two seasons – it’s only now that people are really paying attention to the show. I was absolutely overwhelmed and happy by the renewal, because it took so long for people to get attached to it. I’m still like “what? Another one? Amazing!” I have no idea what Season 4 has in store for us but I feel very grateful that we get to continue this story. There are so many shows like this that don’t get the opportunity to continue their story and I’m so excited.

IGN: Your first two season finales had intriguing threads for the next seasons. Does this one also have a “Oh, what does that mean?” thing happen?

Taylor: You know what, that’s a really good question because there were two different endings we were going to use and I’m not sure which one they’ve gone with. Either way, people are going to be like “Oh my god, now I have to wait another year! F**k!”

I’ll be very interested to see which one they went with. Either way, it’s going to be an “Oh god” moment.

source : IGN

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